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July 31, 2012



1987 the State of California granted me a license to practice Acupuncture. My basic education was enough to ensure Public Safety and begin an enlightening path in the Modern World of Medicine. My first Mentor was Yogi Bhajan a Master of Kundalini and Tantric Yoga. From him I learned to accept the Esoteric Side of Healing. Growing up I saw the medical buildings were labeled Healing Arts and science was a tool. Now it is science and machines. During my tenure in California I learned about the hierarchy of Medicine and when not to say anything because of the legal issues.


People would often complain they had to drive so far to get to my office, “did I know anyone closer to them who did what I did’. Acupuncture is fueled by the intentions of the practitioner and I had spent many thousands of hours meditating. My focus is above normal and my sense of touch is way above average. They can all do what I do with practice and meditation. Acupuncturists can develop abilities normally people do not because they use the abilities regularly. Working on people is like a runner being in the zone communicating with patients through the points.


Acupuncture is not only unique in healing; balance is a tool to elevate consciousness in Daoism. My teacher and mentor stopped his practice and substituted prayer. We separated on that note and I floundered about until I found a teacher who told me I had to heal myself first. That lead me to understand my own imbalance and I proceeded to learn and practice Qigong, a meditation practice similar to Yoga, taught by all ancient masters of Acupuncture. In 1988 I completed a course of study and was awarded a Doctor of Oriental Medicine; people called me doctor, which created a lot of jealousy among other practitioners.

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