Twenty five years experience practicing, Oriental Medicine in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, California, USA brought me pain and joy. Thanks to my wife, Lili Ungar, I have been living in Hanoi for several years focused on my own Healing Process. Vietnam was a place my friends and generation came and died. Maybe one more year will reveal what was worth fighting over.

ABOUT THE MONEY. Many people choose a Doctor and treatment according to what their insurance company covers. Or worse what the government will pay for. Healthcare in America needs a new approach. Understanding balance can lead to a healthy happy life. Spend some time learning how your body works and teach your children.

I do not believe Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine should be a part of Western Medicine. In the early 20th century Homeopathy Hospitals exist in several cities across the United States. A few remedies like nitro-glycerin are left but most people have never even heard of Homeopathy. In Western Medicine Acupuncture will remain below the ilks of Physical Therapy.


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