The Greatest Wealth is Health. Virgil B.C.

I practice Oriental Medicine in Hanoi, Vietnam. Practitioner since 1976.

Oriental Medicine

Also known as Traditional Medicine has its roots in history. Sensitive intelligent people found that their health was affected by many different things. The Ancient Chinese translated what they observed in terms of Five Elements. They found that the Human body reflected what they observed in nature and defined body functions accordingly. They fully understood the circulatory system Five centuries before Western Science using reasoning developed from the Five Element model. Tradition Medicine is focused on QUALITY of LIFE.

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Occidental Medicine

Western Medicine is based on the Science of Western Institutions that are subsidized by big businesses. Going to the Doctor is the status Quo. Better insurance means more doctor visits and tests. Laboratory tests get more sophisticated and expensive. The two main questions are what is it and what causes it? A name for something makes more sense than an unnamed illness unique to an individual suffering pain and discomfort.

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Future of Medicine

Rich peoples' Medicine will include expensive diagnostics and procedures. Poor people make good guinea pigs and will be drained until it hurts so bad they will do anything trying to save the life of a family member or themselves.
Poor people need to learn about how to stay healthy and take responsibility.

Read More is devoted to saying those things I always wanted to say to my patients but was Limited by Law and some kind of social responsibility to Established Medicine and the hassles with the Acupuncture Board over what it is Legal to tell a patient. Treating illness is  I do not like Western Medicine and would like options.

‘Of course, anyone who is determined to embark on the Master Cleanse, or any similarly extreme diet, should talk to a doctor first.’ Similar warnings are given to patients about exercise to reduce liability.

Of course there are many positive things I shared and those will be included. My dislike has me residing in Vietnam where there is little Western Medicine and people wait two or three days to see a Western Doctor.



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